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... I was really curious to try out your rosin for the first time. My wife (Svetlana Makarova) and I highly liked the Laubach gold rosin. It instantly improved the sound of my violin and started sounding cleaner and much richer than before. From now on I will recommend your magical rosin to my students and friends with pleasure...

Professor Pavel Vernikov

Teaches at the Vienna-based Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna and Swiss University of Lausanne.

... Many thanks for delivering my purchase -    I received it safely today.I’ll be happy to recommend my violinists/colleagues to buy the Laubach Rosin which I find of superior quality to the other brands I’ve used before.

All best wishes for continuing success,
Dmitry Sitkovetsky


Emile Cantor Laubach gold rosin
Bravo für das Goldkolophonium, dass Sie produzieren!!
Es ist mir eine Freude diese Qualität wieder zu finden, die ich 15 Jahre gesucht habe.
Mit dankbaren Grüßen,

Emile Cantor

Professor at the Folkwang Musikhochschule in Essen, associate professor at the Conservatori del Liceo in Barcelona, teacher at the Royal Academy of Aarhus, and solo-violist of the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.

Boris Garlitsky laubach gold rosin...I began using Laubach gold rosin upon the recommendation of Leonidas Kavakos, and find it to be one of the best rosins i have ever used. It is highly efficient as it stays on the bow for a very long time, and yet the texture of sound is always smooth. I am extremely happy to have found Laubach Gold rosin and would recommend it most warmly to all professional violinists.

    Boris Garlitsky

 Concert Master of the London Philharmonic Orchestra,
Guest Leader of the London Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra oft he Royal Opera Covent Garden
Professor at the Paris Conservatory /CNSMDP/,
 „Folkwang Universität der Künste“ Essen

…Without a doubt I can recommend your gold rosin all artists, from students to the soloists of the highest rank.
Best regards,

Michael Kugel

Professor at the Ghent Royal Conservatoire, (Belgium)
and at the Conservatorium Maastricht in the Netherlands, founder and the President of the Belgian Viola Society.

                                               The Kopelman Quartet.


Emanuel Borok  Laubach gold rosin… your golden rosin.
I want to congratulate you on a fantastic product! Bravo! It is just as you advertised it: almost no dust and a fine tone.
I know my colleagues also complain that they sometimes drop the rosin.

Once again Bravo! 

Emanuel Borok

Concertmaster of the Dallas Symphony Orches

Gil Sharon Laubach gold rosinDear Sir,
I am using your fine Gold Solo Rosin and I am vaery satisfied with it. The quality is excellent and the form also. I received it from a friend violinist and I am very thankful to him.

Gil Sharon

Concertmaster Limburg Symphony Orchestra Maastricht
Artistic Director Amati Ensemble


Paul Rosner Laubach gold rosinSeit vielen Jahren benutze ich ausschließlich das Gold Kolofonium von Laubach, weil es meiner Schätzung nach, das Beste ist. Es ist sehr weich und ermöglicht einen brillanten Klang.
Vor einiger Zeit habe ich auch seine Instrumente kennengelernt. Ich war
sehr beeindruckt von ihrer hohen Qualität, sehr schöner Ton und
ausgeglichenen Timbre. Die Instrumente sehen sehr schön aus.
Besonders gut gefallen mir die Bögen, die sehr elastisch sind und
hervorragenden Kontakt zur die Saite herstellen.

Paul Rosner, Konzertgeiger

                                                         Yuko Miyagawa

                                               Solistin und Kammermusikerin

Ivan Skanavi

.. After trying Laubach Gold Cello Rosin, I was really impressed by how the rosin can develop the sound of the instrument and help you to find some new aspects in cello playing...

He won prizes at youth competions in Tallinn 2009, Saratov and Montreux 2012. He has played in the Moscow Conservatoire’s subscription series “Music Dynasties”, at the Festival “I Mozartini” in Italy, and at the Rostropovich Festival in Baku. As a soloist with orchestra, Ivan has appeared with the Nizhny Novgorod Symphony Orchestra, the Symphony Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatoire, the Chamber Orchestra of the Pavel Slobodkin Centre, Moscow, the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, “Südwestdeutsche Kammerphilharmonie”, and others.

                                      Customer comments...

…  I received yours Gold Rosin, in this period I make with my son Tommaso, also professional viola player some test with a lot of rosins, and I think yours rosins give the best sound approach of all rosins I tested!, the sound is real direkt and clear! fantastik!

 I give you my compliments!

 Best regards Claudio Valenti
(viola professor at Conservatory Luigi Boccherini of Lucca)

      Good rosin!
 Pros: Good overall rosin, much better than my old one (which I'd bought completely randomly about 4 years ago.) I don't really have much basis for comparison, but it works well, and I don't have to use it too much.
 Cons: Again, I can't compare it with much, but I don't know of any cons.

 Pros: Excellent product!
 Cons: Nothing .

     Excellent product.
It has a 'silky smooth' effect on the strings and my playing no longer sounds scratchy as it did with a previous rosin.
 Cons: None.

     An excellent item.
 Pros: An excellent quality gold speck rosin, nicely packaged. I'm currently trialing various gold speck rosins and this one is certainly a premium product.
 Cons: Pricey but the quality IS there and noticable. 

     Gold dust for golden sound!
 Pros: I like this rosin. It allows a smoothness to the bow, previous rosins havn't. It also sheds very little dust. It has also made a slight difference to how the violin sounds. A good product, I would certainly buy it again when it needs replacing.
 Cons: No cons found. 

     Worth its weight in gold.
 Pros: I first bought Laubach Gold Rosin well over a year ago and used it very much the same as I had used a cheaper standard rosin, applying loads of the stuff regularly throughout my practise sessions, but after a while I tended to apply it far less frequently as my playing improved until eventually I'd just be applying it every other session or sometimes even less. However, when the time came to replace it, out of convienience I bought the cheaper standard rosin from a local shop thinking that'll do, it's only rosin after all but within seconds of playing with the cheap stuff it became apparent that I had to get my hands on Laubach Gold Rosin again so I immediately placed an order and received it a few days later. Three passes of Laubach Gold along my bow every now and again is all that is needed and my playing continues to improve, albeit very slowly but that's down to me not the rosin.
 Cons: Ok so it's a little pricey, but using it like I do it should last a couple of years if looked after and what with the lovely golden crushed velvet backing cloth and natty little box it does look a bit special.
Other: To buy a cheaper rosin is probably just a false economy.

      Top quality rosin.
 Pros: Nice rosin. Pricey but you get what you pay for. Nice magnetic close on box.
 Cons: No cons.
      A fine quality rosin
 Pros: An excellent rosin, very similar to the now unavailable Liebenzeller rosin.
 Cons: Somewhat expensive. 

 Pros: I am a bass player and I absolutely love this. Big sound, plenty of grip without being gritty at all the way I found Dominant and Andrea rosins. You start the note and then you can just float the bow effortlessly. The case is cool too.

Super smooth playing and drawing bow across the string.
 Cons: None.
 Other: Worth every penny, will definitely buy again. 

      First class roisin
Pros: bought this for my partner, a very enthusiastic amateur, she loves the richness of sound this roisin helps produce. i can hear a much better "sound" when she plays
Cons: none yet
she also likes the magnetic lid box.      


Pros: Christmas bling for teacher who normally uses Pirastro Goldflex.
Cons: Far too expensive.
Other: The last time I gave one of these to a teacher she waited a year and a half and then told me she thought it was surprisingly good.     

     A good cello rosin

Pros: It was worth trying this cello rosin--I'm finding it gives a better ''grip'' than other rosins used recently;so the sound is improved

   Great rosin
Pros: Lovely rosin. Not too sticky- produces a clean sound.
Cons: Nothing so far

The improvement in sound is worth the price
Pros: Gives a great smooth sound, you can definitely hear the difference. Minimal dust and beautifully packaged.
Cons: The price may be a little high but this is definitely an excellent quality product so some may find the price worth it. I would definitely buy this again.

Comments about our rosin kindly has been taken from the site of our dealer: http://www.thestringzone.co.uk/laubach-gold-rosin

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