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Bögen / Bows
Violinen / Violins
Celli / Cellos
Kontrabasse / Double Basses
Kolophonium / Rosin

Igor Laubach

Love for the violin for life .. hobby became a profession ...
Soviet childhood and occupation, with eight years in the model airplane club, all-union competition and victory - formed a desire to achieve their goals, and excellence in all activities.
Pledged childhood basics skills to work with different materials and types of wood, its fine precision processing, knowledge of aerodynamics and resonance effects obtained in Aviation Institute, served as the basis for further work violinmaker.
The symbiosis of German education and stringed violin masters and higher education in engineering Aviation and facilitated the development of a custom look and approach to understanding the secrets of violin construction and acoustic settings.
By chance and fate, in 1996 in Germany unexpectedly he came into contact with the profession of violinmaker and remained faithful to her to this day. Improving their skills and trained in renomirovannyh reputable violin and bow workshops in Germany, France and America, where thoroughly honed his own style and perfected their recipe violin varnish. Having obtained the necessary knowledge and experience, it opened in 2003 his own violin studio-workshop in the Bavarian town of Bamberg, which expanded the possibility of independent fundamental study of violin acoustics, old varnish formulations and acoustic ground of old instruments and their acoustic setting.
On the basis of many different successful experiments and results continues to improve its instruments in antique style. Numerous musicians playing instruments Laubach, won prizes at international competitions.
Each year the international music exhibitions in Germany, Italy and China.